Population Management

Mr. Akinsulie Bolaji


  1. Formulation and review of  National Population Policy
  2. Management and Coordination of all Population related activities in Nigeria
  3. Monitor and evaluate all population programmes for policy formulation and implementation using findings from:- 
    • Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS)
    • Nigeria Malaria Indicators Survey (NIMS)
    • Nigeria Education Data Survey (NEDS)
  4. Establish the Institutional Framework for population management organs (NCPM, PAG & PTWG) at the National, State and Local Government Levels for population coordination.
  5. Source Funds from the Development Partners and other agencies in population and development.
  6. Capacity Building for Population Management Committee members and staff of the Unit through study tours, training, workshops, seminars and lectures etc.
  7. Develop a Multi – media approach through (Radio, Television and Newspaper) on population management.
  8. Facilitate Nigeria annual participation in the United Nations Conference on Population and Development (UNCPD): United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) and Regional Conference of Partners on Population and Development (PPD).
  9. Undertake yearly with Commemoration of World Population Day.

      10.Collaborate with other stakeholders for Annual Lecture Series (ALS) on Population and Development.

     11.Collaborate with UNFPA on the yearly State of World Population.

    12.Facilitate discussion on Population issues in educational institutions and health outers.


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